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Chiedo, Inc. based out of Harrisonburg was founded by Chiedo in 2014 as a parent company after the success of Chiedo Labs. Within the next decade, Chiedo, Inc. intends to start more subsidiaries along with helping to bring new startups to market.

The Board


President & Chairman

Chiedo is a full-time follower of Jesus and a husband. He graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. He’s been writing code and working on computers since the third grade and running business ventures since middle school. Not only is he a big dreamer, he is also a big dream initiator. If it sounds challenging, you’ve got his attention.

Gabe Steelman

Vice Chairman

Gabe serves as Vice Chairman of Chiedo Labs, as well as in the Technical Staffing Industry with Apex Systems, providing Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services. From his early childhood Gabe was a creative thinker. His father was a drummer, and Gabe was just three years old when he picked up a pair of drumsticks and started making music. Becoming a musician at such an early age completely transformed the way he thinks and processes information. Gabe's skills, creativity, experience, perspective, and strong work ethic enable make him a valuable asset to the Chiedo Inc. team.

Matt Light


Josh Dean

Board Member

Don Lawrence

Board Member

Don Lawrence currently is a financial analyst for business management specializing in long range reporting and strategic dashboard creation from the DC Area. Don has experience in Financial Modeling, Financial Planning, risk management, and valuation. Don Lawrence has Financial Aerospace and Defense background. He is a board of Director of Chiedo Labs. Don Lawrence holds a Bachelors Science degree in Finance from Virginia Wesleyan College. Don Lawrence lives in Arlington, Virginia.


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Chiedo Labs came first. It was founded in 2012 by Chiedo during his last semester at James Madison University and has been growing rapidly ever since. Today, Chiedo Labs creates mobile apps, websites and runs a small start-up incubator.

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Once Chiedo Labs was up and running, we began looking for the next step. Naturally, we wanted to help clients get visitors to their sites, so Chiedo Marketing was launched in May, 2016. Specializing in Social Media, Digital Advertising, and SEO, this company connects clients with their current and potential customers so that they can reach their personal, business, and organizational goals.

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Printocracy, was the first successful startup partner for Chiedo Labs. With Printocracy, anyone can sell their 3D printing services.

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